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The Familiar Comforts of Conspiracies

• The New York Times
Conspiracy movies, like conspiracy theories, are nothing new. Only the cabals change, as they have in the post-George W. Bush era.

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Comment by Freed Radical
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The New York Times?!!!! The paper that lied the sheeple into wars based on "weapons of mass distraction?!"

This flaccid attempt to distract the people by one of the major propaganda organs of the American Empire will not convince any Freedom's Phoenix reader. Most of the article talks about FICTIONAL movies and television shows! It's even more pathetic than the Popular Mechanics' story "debunking" the 9/11 Truth Movement, and that was pretty sad since it only addressed a few straw man arguments (and very poorly at that).

When the Bilderberger group has secret annual meetings, there is nothing of importance discussed that the we the peons ought to know about. These captains of industry, government, and finance are simply drinking tea, smoking cigars, and telling jokes, right? For those of you who believe this, I have shares in a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. ERIC NEW