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Threats to Congress for Passing Health Insurance Bill: Real or Exaggerated Media Spin?

Fast-forward…Lights, camera, action! Suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue….Here come all these homegrown terrorist events such as an American civilian crashing a plane into the IRS building headquarters. Now come all these “Homegrown Terrorists” threatening Congress because of passing an ordinary piece of legislation. (Albeit an unconstitutional one, yes, and of course one which stirs up anger because of the government mandate that we must spend our own money in such-and-such a way, with fines imposed if we do not). The anger is of course legitimate. But at the same time, I also ask myself the question: How often does this happen in the USA? That Americans rise up and threaten violence to members of Congress after a bill has been passed? This seems out of character to me, and I have to wonder about it. It seems pretty odd. 

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Comment by Ross Wolf (28231)
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This author in my opinion based on his paragraph shown below, marginalized potential sources that might threaten government when stating it (is likeliest to emanate from persons “nursing a deep-seated hatred of government” therein mentioning (militia members and protesters vandalizing the offices of elected officials.) Considering the history of other governments, it is more foreseeable “Threats” against U.S. Government might potentially be initiated by large numbers of Citizens. Currently millions of Americans are being subjected to horrific economic conditions, many are angry. Increasingly Citizens are getting upset as they watch Congress bankrupt their future—with huge deficit spending; unaffordable debt; higher taxes. Millions of Citizens no longer trust federal government because they believe Congress does not represent the will of the people. That is not “a deep-seated hatred of government” that is fear of government. Never before have I felt the civil unrest that appears to be building in this country. That unrest, if not attenuated, could ignite in a manner one could  never have anticipated, irreparably damaging this nation.


 Author's Paragraph:

In other words, the drama of the Bush presidency, with its fetish for secrecy, has given way to the open spectacle of the first Obama term. Its main events occur in real time, just as they do in “24,” but it is the slow drip of deliberation, suspenseful in its own way — most memorably in the House vote on the health-care bill, a daylong marathon of rants and orations, parliamentary feints and offstage horse trading. This is not to say the conspiratorial narrative is exhausted as a form, only that its subjects have changed, for this is a moment when the likeliest source of threats are to be found not within the government but among those who seem to be nursing a deep-seated hatred of it — whether they are protesters vandalizing the offices of elected officials or the militia members indicted last week in Michigan on sedition and weapons charges.


The days ahead should provide ample material for conspiracy-minded storytellers. But they will have to exit their bunkers if they are to locate the places where fresh plots are being hatched.”

Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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the only thing told to them is that they will be booted out and replaced with another who follows our orders not the facists wanna bees who placate themselves as a deity

they will be booted out as well they violate the constitution namely the 10 amendment

understand that