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Congressman Hank Johnson: Guam May Capsize

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Actually Vincent, some people ARE that stupid. One doesn't have to have genuine intelligence to gain public office -- they just have to be a convincing liar.

Comment by Vincent-brian: [mross]
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I smell a false flag... nobody is THAT STUPID!!! Methinks that someone is trying to make congress seem like a bunch of idiots in comparison to the military, in order to paint a nice face on martial law... 

Comment by Richard Stone
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 He is an embarrassment as a congressman and as a human being. Who the hell elected him? What were you thinking?????????????  Maybe he should contact AA or NA and come down to earth.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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I used to think everyone in congress was evil.  This guy is a complete dipstick.  And he's the one who is convinced  enough about global warming that he'll be taxing us.  God help us all.

Comment by Ten Megaton
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