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This piece of human garbage was a seven-year veteran of the agency who targeted illegal immigrant men in their late teens and 20's. Once he had them in custody he would 'search' them, you know...inside their undies and around the 'do not touch' spots

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Comment by Curtis Scott
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It's a sad fact that illegals are often targeted by predatory persons because illegals rarely report crimes against them to authority.  In the Old Testament -- the Law commanded that the foreigner be treated with respect & not abused because of the mere fact they were foreigners.  While I'm opposed to illegal immigration - we need to keep in mind than many of the young men we see were brought here as children & are caught in a world where they're not legally here, -but have nowhere to go -even in their home country. I think that as an American -- that compassion should frame our demeanors as we consider every case based on the humanity of the person & not the formality of paperwork as to their birth origin or naturalization status. And as far as the comments from the person who mentioned Kinsey ... there is a group of men called "G0YS" (Spelled w. a zer0 -G00GLE 'em) who would probably shatter all of your prejudices about such things. Yeshua said that "By this will all men know that you are my true followers: That you have love..."

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Okay, this is out of line - now lets get to the crux of the situation;  illegals are killing Americans.  15 to 25 every day.  There's perverts all over and thanks to Kinsey and his ilk they're regarded as "normal but different" so you can't get too upset about this Progressive Attitude.  We're almost immune to news of American citizens being killed by illegals - 'course it isn't covered by the MSN much either.  Pick your concern.  Citizen or illegal.

 Buck Norton