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Today on - Monday April 5th 2010

• LewRockwell
Monday, April 5, 2010
'Everything the State Says Is a Lie'
J.H. Huebert on Lies the Government Told You, by Andrew P. Napolitano.
The GOP Is To Be Condemned
For its essential criminality, and its treatment of Ron Paul. Article by Butler Shaffer.
Obama Wants More Student Debt
He encourages colleges and universities to raise tuition even faster, says Peter Schiff.
Government Halloween Comes to the NY Subways
Fred Reed on laughable and dangerous US "security."
The Evil of Humanism
Murray Rothbard on justifications for the total state.
Will the Regime Stage an Incident?
Robert Ringer on the path to dictatorship.
Finagling Unemployment Figures
Gary Barnett on yet another government scam.
Inside the Seething Green Roach-Pit
James Delingpole on the eco-loons.
Students for Concealed Carry
They strap on empty holsters to protest the denial of their right to self-defense on campus.
Big Bank Predators
Matt Taibbi on the Birmingham sewer scandal. (NB: Some bad language.)
The Feds Murdered MLK
As was proved in open court. Article by James Douglass.
Survivalism in the Suburbs
First, have a three-month supply of food, and a 72-hour kit. Article by Trace Mayer.