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Feds Prepare to Use Anarchists to Provoke Tea Party Violence

• Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet
Posted by Sharlene Holt, M4F

Given the past history of how so-called “anarchist” groups are so easily infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities to commit meaningless acts of violence that only serve to discredit political causes, we should be alarmed by the possibility that anarchist plans to “crash the tea parties” will present the perfect opportunity for the establishment to create a flashpoint with which to demonize constitutionalists as unruly extremists. 

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Comment by Alice Lillie
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On the left-wing site they are screaming like banshees about us today (Tuesday)...check it out and weigh in. 

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Had McCain’s bill S.3081,  

The “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010” already passed, anarchists would only have to bate Tea Party members into a one violent confrontation to provide Obama an excuse to invoke provisions in McCain’s bill to arrest and detain without probable cause, Tea Party members protesting anywhere, i.e., Obama could charge Tea Party protests with “supporting hostilities” against civilian populations and or the United States. In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s Brown Shirts purposely caused confrontations with their opposition; expectantly German Police arrested only Nazi “opposition.” That is not to infer Obama would use S.3081 to only arrest Conservatives.

Could Palin be a dupe or Trojan Horse? It cannot be ignored Palin’s endorsement and support of Sen. McCain’s reelection could make the difference whether McCain is reelected. Is it time that Tea Party Groups ask Palin why she is supporting McCain after he introduced this monstrous Police State bill S.3081 that blatantly contradicts Palin’s purported position to protect the Constitution? If Palin does not object to McCain’s bill, would you want her as your President?


Comment by G Cone
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That link didn't work but I found the story here: