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America’s Nuke Nazis and the Radiation State


By Amy Worthington
Despotic governments throughout the ages have often forced their subjugated masses to strip naked since forcing a captive population to nakedness is the ultimate physical and psychological degradation. With equal barbarism, the U.S. government is organizing a campaign to obtain naked images of millions of Americans traveling through U.S. airports. Even young children will be trained to think it normal for adult strangers wearing badges to demand a probing view of our bodies under clothing.

This authoritarian nightmare is residue from September 11, 2001, when criminal elements of our own government perpetrated the most heinous, genocidal hoax of our age. That was the day the Twin Towers and Building 7 of the World Trade Center were obliterated by thermite incendiaries and other explosives for maximum psychological impact while federal officials blamed foreign terrorists.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of over 1000 architects and engineers, offers technical papers detailing evidence that the three WTC towers were deliberately demolished with pre-installed explosives. These professionals are calling for a grand jury investigation of federal agencies which, they say, used insufficient and fraudulent data to perpetrate a blatant cover-up.1 John Farmer, former senior counsel to the 9-11 Commission has admitted in his book, The Ground Truth, that government officials agreed not to tell the people the truth about what happened.2 Ironically, the 9-11 cover-up is the reason why American travelers will forfeit the right to keep their naked bodies covered up.

It is pertinent to our predicament that leading U.S. corporations were secretly funding and supplying the German Nazi Wehrmacht throughout WWII3 and that legions of Nazi functionaries were transplanted to U.S. intelligence and science posts after the war.4 Is it by accident that buildings at the U.S. Naval Base at Coronado outside of San Diego have been constructed in the shape of a swastika, as confirmed by aerial views?5

The 9-11 project was to George W. Bush what the Reichstag fraud was to Adolph Hitler. This is not surprising since progenitors of Bush were deeply involved in funding the Hitler project.6 The regimes of both George Bush Jr. and his successor define modern fascism: a centralized autocratic government, belligerent nationalism and glorification of war, with American youth groomed to become heroes by goose-stepping off to bomb and occupy nations holding the coveted resources of oil and opium.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), conceived along with the 9-11 hoax, is rapidly building an American police state with unlimited surveillance and tracking capabilities. DHS is not merely content to Stasi-watch our every move through CCTV cameras and spy drones, read our e-mails, scrutinize our bank transactions, monitor our phone calls, peruse our Facebook confessions and database the GPS coordinates of our front doors. These hyperactive inquisitors have finally gotten their ever-dredging noses into our underpants.

This Fascisti triumph, unleashed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), involves full-body scanners being installed at 450 major airports across the nation. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) reports that DHS is requesting an additional 500 body scanners under new federal surveillance initiatives budgeted for FY 2011. EPIC notes: "In 2009, the TSA announced that Whole Body Imaging would replace metal detectors at airport security check points. This is a marked departure from the earlier promises by the agency that the technology would only be used for secondary screening of air travel passengers."7 Once all of the older style metal detector portals are removed--probably by the end of 2011--those wishing to fly will have no choice but to undergo naked-body scanning.
There are two types of "strip off" machines which have been, or will soon be installed at airport gauntlets:
The backscatter scanners, used to create ghost-like images of the human body under clothing, emit ionizing x-radiation to penetrate human flesh at least a quarter inch deep. Airport procedure requires at least two scans to cover front and back, with each scan lasting up to 8 seconds. Additional lateral scans can also be administered.
Ionizing x-radiation is a proven carcinogen. It breaks molecular bonds and damages DNA. Strip scanners use even higher ionizing energy than medical x-rays.8
The millimeter scanners, used to create a three-dimensional holographic image of the body under clothing, bombard human flesh with ultra short radio frequency waves that lie on the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and x-rays.
Millimeter waves, propagated in the very high gigahertz range, are documented to damage DNA.9 This elevates millimeter waves to carcinogen status.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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You can usually judge people by the company that they keep.  As soon as I see someone in the company of people who have a deep and abiding ignorance of basic physics (And I do not care what kind of degrees that they have) as evidenced by their claims that invisible nano agents of the CIA rigged the WTC with explosives I write the entire story off.  

Anybody with a basic understanding of the laws of physics (that would be actual laws, not theories) and conservation of energy and angular momentum, will understand that the WTC towers collapsed exactly as such laws would predict, in the only way allowed.  All other claims are simply evidence of ignorance (not knowing) or stupidity (refusing to or inability to learn)

Comment by Fedge No
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I've been following all this crap for over 10 years now. I'm so sick of these retards and their crap. Join me and let's inform everyone. I just explode this type of info non-stop and so far have found 15000 people on Facebook alone who are interested.


Find me all over the Internet via my website

Comment by Anonymous
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 Don't be lazy asses and study your latin and history.  :P

Comment by Anonymous
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 There's more irony to the naked body scanners and metal detectors than you know and the word "subjugate" is quite apt.

The word subjugate comes from the latin sub jugum.  In Roman history, the Roman army literally put its conquered people "sub jugum" which means "under the yoke".  They tied ox yokes to their shoulders and arms.

Later in history, "sub jugum" was perform symbolically.  An arch commemorating a military victory (such as the Arc d'Triomphe) was constructed.  Originally, the subjugated army was marched symbolically through the arch as going "under the yoke".  Later in history, they no longer bothered and the victors marched through the arch.

But the word "subjugate" remains.  It literally means "to put under the yoke".

As you walk through a scanner or detector, what are you literally doing?  You are walking through the arch of the victors.  They are "subjugating" you, by forcing you, the vanquished, to walk under the symbolic yoke of the victors.