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Trent Franks is anxious to attack Iran

• Washington Examiner

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Comment by Ned Delaney
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I believe Norman Finkelstein has some excellent points, and I agree. When are militant Israelis going to stop using the Holocaust as an excuse to terrorize its neighbors? It reminds me of a persecution complex. If you treat your neighbors like ...., don't expect olive branches in return.

Comment by Anonymous
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>> Israel remains the truest friend America has in this world,...

Tell that putrid B.S. to the families of the 34 who died on the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel.   Iran wants Israel - let Israel deal with Iran.

Franks is NOT anxious to attack Iran, Franks is anxious to have OUR CHILDREN attack Iran - while he remains back here, safe and sound, enjoying his power lunches and making political hay.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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These things do not happen in a vacuum.   They are coordinated, and their minions serve them eagerly: