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Trent Franks is anxious to attack Iran

• Washington Examiner

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Comment by Ned Delaney
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I believe Norman Finkelstein has some excellent points, and I agree. When are militant Israelis going to stop using the Holocaust as an excuse to terrorize its neighbors? It reminds me of a persecution complex. If you treat your neighbors like ...., don't expect olive branches in return.

Comment by Anonymous
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>> Israel remains the truest friend America has in this world,... <<

Tell that putrid B.S. to the families of the 34 who died on the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel.   Iran wants Israel - let Israel deal with Iran.

Franks is NOT anxious to attack Iran, Franks is anxious to have OUR CHILDREN attack Iran - while he remains back here, safe and sound, enjoying his power lunches and making political hay.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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These things do not happen in a vacuum.   They are coordinated, and their minions serve them eagerly:

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