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Subliminal Signs in Tempe, Arizona

• Arden Riordan
Tempe, Arizona, has a new slogan that tells it all. These appeared about two years ago and are still up all around town.

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Comment by David McElroy
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Hey! That dog on the "LIVE" sign, obscures the letter "V", to read "LIE". That dog is fetching on the fly, grabbing a frisbee. Perhaps this symbolizes the need to lie in order to fetch things that feed our mouths! You might also notice the little boy with the "seeing eye" basketball pose is resting on the "PLAY" sign and obscuring the "L" to read "PAY". This follows the "LEARN" reading  "EARN" with the lady barely keeping her head above water. So, you don't rest until after you've earned and paid, and must lie to fetch your daily bread under the all-seeing eye of the big "Brotherhood" of freemasons who will make us feel pain to "GROW"..."OW"!



Comment by swzzle stix
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 play, the boy is on top of the A which has the top cut off. get it, its the pyrmyid the ball is the all seeing eye

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Wow, just wow....