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Anarchy in the streets! OMG!

• by Butler Shaffer -

This is a great article. Coincidentally, I was thinking about this very subject just the other day. I was driving through the new traffic circle they added a while back on Galvin Parkway by the entrance to the Phoenix Zoo, contemplating the fact that there were no actual trafficcontrols and the pros and cons of people actually driving without rules.
Turns out they have been experimenting with just such a system in some towns in Europe where they have no traffic signs or lights of any kind, and the number of accidents actually went down. People actually have to pay attention to the dynamics of traffic and take responsibility for their own safety instead of relinquishing it to the government. When stripped of government imposed rules, people tend to spontaneously organize.
This behavior in the natural world is known as a type of Emergence, or a sort of naturally occurring organization that happens in complex systems, such as a flock of birds or school of fish moving together as a single