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Today on - April 8th 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010
It's Time To Part Company
Walter Williams on secession.
The Claim That Iran Is Developing Nukes
Don't expect any evidence for this new war of aggression, says Mark Crovelli.
The 10 Books That Have Most Influenced Walter Block
This test tells a lot about a guy.
Congress Is a Criminal Syndicate
They represent the special interests that pay them the most, not you, says Gerald Celente.
We Are All Victims of 09/11/01
Cynthia McKinney wants to know why the world must live inside a lie.
When Soda Was a Nickel
And Social Security wasn't a noose around our necks. Article by Vedran Vuk.
The Bright Side of Hyperinflation
While we look into the abyss, remember that this Fed crime can also threaten the regime, says Tom Franklin.
Bullion and Politics
Peter Schiff knows.
I Discriminate Against Ex-Soldiers
Karl Winn explains his moral argument.
It's Coming, and It's Far Worse Than Real ID
Obama is poised to ram through the totalitarian national biometric ID, with the aid of his GOP allies. Article by Alex Newman.
Ron Paul and the 2012 GOP Presidential Contenders
They go head to head in the next straw poll this weekend. Article by Brian Montopoli.
Small-Town Texas Greatness
Michael Parks on Dairy Queen.