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Barry Hess Official Candidacy Announcement for AZ Governor 2010

• Sharlene Holt, Musicians 4 Freedom

Posted by Sharlene Holt, M4F; Video by Sharlene Holt

Here's an excerpt from Barry's announcement speech on the front lawn of the Arizona Capitol, February 20, 2010. To read the entire speech and for campaign updates, please go to Also, don't forget to check out the videos and photos at

This same day, folks were lined up next to the lawn where Barry made his announcement in order to see the Declaration of Independence. Musicians 4 Freedom took the opportunity to interview a small group of young girls waiting in line. I was shocked and disappointed at their inability to recite even the first two amendments to the Bill of Rights. Is it too late for America, my friends?

"We couldnt have picked a better day to continue the revolution that started so many years ago, with the signing of the document that sits less than a hundred yards from us, right now. I think its important to study the past, so as to better determine our future. And thats exactly what The Declaration of Independence allows us to do. That inspired document lays out, in plain language, that this is a nation founded not by conquest, but on profound principles and concepts that respect the individual as a sovereign being.

It makes abundantly clear that the singular purpose of government, in this nation, and in this Republic of Arizona, is to protect the inherent natural rights of each individual—and nothing else.