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Secret audio tape offers insight into the bizarre ideology of arrested Christian militia leader

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The tape was played by federal prosecutors at Friday's bond hearing for the eight arrested Hutaree members. It captures an anti-government rant by David Stone Sr., the man alleged to be the group's leader.  Stone calls birth certificates, driver's licenses, building permits, and other government documents "permission slips from the terrorist organization called the New World Order."

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Comment by Carrie Taranova (26584)
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The government cronies can label a person anything they like and they get all the coverage they need via their media to paint that person anything they like.  This man they are getting everyone to hate has not been proven to have done ANYTHING wrong.  And in fact, he has been shown to be a victim of a govt set up as have been many who dare to speak the truth about what is really in DC and what is really happening.

I notice how easily they have manipulated the minds of just about eveyone by how these posts read.  Get ready to see a lot more of this, and just htink, one of these times it may be YOU as their target if you dare to actually THINK for yourself and speak your mind and use the freedom of speech that has been taken from us !

Everything that man spoke was the Constitutional truth.  He was NOT showing violence to anyone - he was just educating the people in truth. Most people apparetnly do not want to know the real truth of what they are living in and rather live in the dream bubble created for them by the govt - - so they join the attacking govt against the truth speaker. This has happened all down through history and is also in the Bible.  They stoned Jeremiah for giving them warning with truths. And Americans are well known for living in denial.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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Driver's licenses, building permits, CCW permits, business licenses, etc., etc., ARE permission slips - that is what 'permit' and 'license' mean.

I heard nothing on that tape threating the U.S. Govt., nor police.  What I did hear was his concern the 'New World Order' (a term well used by both Bush boys, and a very real movement) and worry about the blue helmeted' thugs, a reference to the enforcement arm of the U.N..   I've yet to see anything of substance to support the charges.  Perhaps at trial.