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The Grim Truth: Americans, I have some bad news for you

Once the shit really hits the fan, do you really think you’ll just be able to jump into the old station wagon, drive across the Canadian border and spend the rest of your days fishing and drinking Molson? No, the government is going to lock the place down. They don’t want their tax base escaping. They don’t want their “recruits” escaping. They don’t want YOU escaping.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Ah liberals, oh liberals. I am reminded of the sage words of Elmer Fudd who said;

"be vewy vewy quiet, we'we hunting wabbits".

Liberals are such timid creatures, rather like rabbits. Multiplicitous, bashfull yet ubiquitous and if we were a prey species, we might imagine ourselves being very much like them.

Have you ever tried to make friends with a wild bunny? It really doesn't work out too well despite our best intentions. We can say "wild bunny, I have here a carrot for you and a nice bowl of fresh water" and the bunny will simply think "OMFG, some very large animal is sneaking up on me".

Bunnies have basically 3 tricks.

1. Invisibility: if I don't move a hair (ha ha) they will perhaps not see or ignore me.

2. Oh Gods, they have seen me, run in a straight line and then try to dodge left or right.

3. Get underground. Find a hole and get in it.

See the bunny has a limited world view and it doesn't include hugging and cuddling. It has been a long time since they have. Think Garden Of Eden. They are afraid of us now. The are timid. They do not like to fight, they are repulsed by violence.

You have to convice a rabbit that you are going to kill it to get it to do violence to you, and then their violence is self-defensive. Try it for yourself with a wild rabbit and see if it gets you anything else than a hole in the hand.

Well, to bend a metaphore beyond the breaking point of a little bunny neck, this is what we're dealing with. They see us as no different part of this evil pervasive. They see us as en even more warped for of the "state" in our parlance but they see the "state" as being remotely controllable.

They just see us as hunters. And to a rabbit, there is no other word for "hunter" and "enemy" or other similies.

But I also thought about what I know from the real live animals, both wild and domestic that I know, and to the wild ones, the first way is always FEED.

Food. There is food here. Wild children are always hungry. They take a bit of processing to understand "this is my food which I am giving to you" but at least we can begin to get them accustomed. To eating around us.

Then we can or might get the chance to lay down the next whamma-jamma: you are protected here. In my space. While you eat food.

Most animals habituate, they get used to you and where food is involved, they will begin to associate themselves with you and they will then tend to fight off what they see as "invaders".

Is this starting to sound familiar to you?

Every tried to recover fermile cats from a culvert?

Better have leather gloves on. Not just garden gloves, we're talking WELDING GLOVES.

In that moment, even a ferile kitten is convinced you are the prey animal and it will fight back and just try it without welding gloves on and see how many emergency room visits you can add up.

Now times that by 100 because a liberal is like a ferile kitten with a bank account and access to lawyers. But let's just try this.

As Alex and some of us have done for Paul Craig Roberts and others, let's leave food and water out for them and not give up for their meowing in the cold of night when they want so much for warmth and somebody to talk to.

In the end, Kitantuwashi, it will not be our books or our words, kittens don't speak English or Wabenake or Latoka, they speak kitten. And they tell us they are hungry and cold. So ultimately it will be us that feed them and make them warm.

And maybe then, maybe after they truly see that we protect them, maybe them will they begin to trust of pack of freedom wolves.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Comment by Found Zero
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I caught this one on ICH. I like it here to show how people on the left have really begun to internalize a lot of our economic message & etc. but it's interesting to hear the cognitive dissonance.

Here's the liberal saying the US government is militaristic, non-responsive to the people, pursuing an economic policy designed only for insiders and therefore it sucks and should be got away from......

And by the way it's full of conservatives with guns who hate the government.....for all the wrong reasons or something.

Never any thought to turn and fight, big government (which is here to save us) us here to kill us and even worse, there are people RESISTING.

I guess to them we are the haters, the more enthusiastic haters and the totally balls-out psyched haters.