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SB1018: The Photo Radar Resurrection Act

• sonoranalliance.com
Sometimes what the legislature does leaves me scratching my head.

This time, Senator Russell Pearce, self-proclaimed anti-photo-radar, conservative Senator from Mesa has worked hard on passing this real headscratcher.

SB1018, ?Photo Enforcement Procedures?, as amended, sponsored by Pearce and co-sponsored by Sen. Sylvia Allen and Sen. Thayer Verschoor, enables the following:

1) Allows Redflex, a foreign corporation to directly hire off-duty policemen to serve you photo radar tickets at your home.

2) Allows the service of photo-radar summons to be served to you at your home even though no charge has been filed with the court

3) Extends the amount of time process servers (or off-duty cops) can serve you a photo radar summons from 90 to 120 days