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We are at a critical nexus in our history. The aging of our population is occurring at an unprecedented rate due to the aging of the baby boom population. The cost of this age wave will cause economic, as well as personal human suffering. The United States has historically approached serious challenges in the past with courage and creativity, with an eye on the compassionate application of science. There is just enough time to begin to apply the new advances in regenerative medicine if we begin today.

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 The population is aging, and in "X" number of years, the overwhelming majority of Americans will be retired. Schools will close, factories will close for lack of workers, and on and on.

For an in-depth discussion of this horrifying scenario you can refer to the many serious intellectual magazines of the 1930's.

Could the difference be that Baby Boomers didn't have children . . . and their children didn't have children?

If so, why has the population of this country been continuously growing?


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