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The Arizona "Honor Killing"

• The Riverfront Times
After obtaining unreleased police records, conducting interviews, reviewing court documents and internet comments Paul Rubin meticulously reconstructs the events leading up to the honor killing of Noor Almaleki, who was killed by her Iraqi father.

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Comment by Found Zero
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First of all, infanticide is condoned in your Holy Scriptures, don't make me take out the bible on you, you know this. Don't even ONE of you make me pull out the bible, not you Pastor Steven Anderson or any of you unless you intend to defent the prophet Ruth or her beloved servant.

But don't tell me our traditions didn't include infanticide. Don't any one of you. And Pastor Steven Anderson can stand himseelf on this his head and incanate demonology with yellow nipples for all I care.

Pastor, we  have been  in the business of life or death for over 5000 years as far as we can tell. Now as you look upon life as a color television and your kids ordering pizza a few times a week, why don't you explain how your capitalist system that wants to kill your kids is materially differentfrom your Christian system that wants to kill my kids?

For as far as we can tell, bullets hurt and kill us as much as the love you bring from Jesus.


Kills us all the same.


With much love,


your adversary for life


And in Jesus' name.


We die.

Comment by Anonymous
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So instread of dragging this fat slob down a corridor and strapping him onto a table and poking needles into his arm this scumbag puke can now spend the rest of his life living in 'honor' now that he has murdered his shameful daughter.  

Thank you, Thomas.