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Weatherman Slips... CHEM TRAILS (not by name but what it is)

Watch after 1:00 it's pretty interesting. Player is on right margin.

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Comment by Judy Staab
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Did you hear him say this? Weatherman describes "bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region" and that, "military planes dumping 'chaff' which he describes as bits of aluminum, tiny pieces of plastic or even metallicized paper products," etc. then goes on to say that "it is used as an anti-radar issue and obviously they're practicing." and . . "Now they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for many years, and I can tell you here right now, that's what it is." If you research: . . . . . . (and on this site, be sure to check the EPA certified lab report showing aluminum is 39M in Arizona whereas 2K is toxic level) and see all the experiments being done, then by golly you should (what most people don't do) watch the sky! We should have had rain today but for the last few days, planes dumping tons of chemicals (aluminum is a desicant - a drying agent) have dried up the atmosphere. Arizona would have been drenched the last two years! I say this because those of us who continually watch these planes saturate our skies, have seen at least 500+ potential storms squelched in the last 24 months! Don't you ever see waves of white muck over the entire sky? This is NOT normal! And it does NOT come from your car or someone's fireplace! How many times do you see natural, normal clouds? How many times do you see deep, clear blue skies without milky, spidery-webbed-looking substance over it? If there's no water, watch for it to be privatized or under the U.N (more likely w/Climate Change/Geo-engineering legislation which will require a world governance effort and since they've sold this as a "global" problem), and water will be at a premium (lots of people leaving Anthem due to $300-$400 water bills); Monsanto will have its way with genetically-engineered seeds and GMO foods because they claim (ads now in magazines) its seeds take 1/3 less water, but what Monsanto won't admit to is that these deadly seeds change DNA (turning immune system against itself) and destroy organic fields as well (more interesting research available to any who cares); and look at the billions to be made in the "green" industry so cleverly planned due to this so-called global warming scare! Well-marketed I must say. The saddest part of all of this is that media (for exception of a few including this site) is completely sold out to covering this up. That's why, when one weatherman comes out and drops a piece of truth, we all jump on it! Lord knows, it's refreshing to hear truth for a change!

Comment by Shadow Patriot
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I'm trying to figure out what it was he said that "named" chemtrails.  I didn't hear anything like that, but maybe I'm not catching whatever phrase it is or word said that means he's calling them out without calling them chemtrails.

Comment by Judy Staab
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NOTE TO: Weathermen & women, media and government officials who've kept silent about this ILLEGAL weather manipulation program using toxic, deadly chemicals and numerous experiments harmful to human life as well as the entire world! Nonetheless, go along with "the green" movement and proposed "geo-engineering" (Climate Change) agenda which will make all of the insane weather control experiments . . . LEGAL! And thus crippling an already financially burdened citizenship to the max!!! ___________________________________________________________________________ Compliance is a funny thing. It starts when we're kids and someone not so popular is roughed up and made fun of by some bully while we just watch and say nothing. As we grow up, we're taught the rights and wrongs of life and watch the adults who taught those ideals tell "little white lies" as they justify why they're stretching the truth and once again, we comply and keep silent for fear of displaying a lack of respect. Then life goes on and we comply with lies, deceit and eventually evil. We say we pick and choose our battles but make sure we don't step on too many toes or rock the boat in an unsafe manner. We "feel" good and convince ourselves we're making a difference but all the time, unconsciously, fear has grown its ugly roots like a fungus inside our souls. Let's just tackle the safe issues. Let's not tread where it might be uncomfortable. After all, we don't want to lose our jobs. Fear drives our rationale for being complicit to the atrocities and despicable evil acts against mankind. We marvel, however, at the stories we hear about brave individuals who have risked their lives saving people. But we continue to comply with blatant evil because perhaps we've convinced ourselves it's way out of our control! This brave, honest weatherman (who did not SLIP but stated firmly the truth) doesn't see it that way! He is a perfect example behind Edmund Burkes' famous quote: "The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." We would have a different world . . right now . . if we had more of these brave souls!

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