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Obama Targets U.S. Citizen for 'Legal' Assassination

The Obama administration has authorized operations to capture or kill a U.S.-born Muslim cleric based in Yemen, who is described by a key lawmaker as Americas's top terrorist threat, officials said on Tuesday.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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The status of Anwar al-Awlaki as a U.S. Citizen should not have delayed U.S. Government targeting this traitor who is helping al Qaeda theaten U.S. Citizens. Comparably, if U.S. police discovered Awlaki in our homeland helping terrorist kill Americans, police would not hesitate to terminate his murderous activity; the only difference Awlaki is helping al Qaeda threaten U.S. Citizens from the Arabian Peninsula. Like other terrorists that now threaten America, Awlaki has a large reward on his head. That is not enough. Included with that reward offer should be a message strongly expressing what Americans think about “Traitors.” Fitting in Awlaki’s case—would be printing the “Reward Offer” and Awlaki’s photo on “Toilet Paper” provided free to anyone living in the Arabian Peninsula and any country al Qaeda has established a terrorist presence. That would ensure American traitor Awlaki is forever most associated not for his promulgated beliefs, but for his image on toilet, something Awlaki is sure to find demoralizing.