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Mandatory Registration of All Firearms

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All who purchase a firearm will be required to register that firearm by submitting their name, address, place of birth, phone number, occupation, and sex to the California Department of Justice….WTF

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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In 1994, the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Janet Reno proposed introducing legislation that would allow U.S. Government “summary forfeiture" of unregistered firearms. DOJ intended to eliminate government's high costs of forfeiture proceedings required to confiscate guns (by baring gun owners from being able to prove) their confiscated weapons were legally registered or did not come under the “technical definition” of a gun that must be registered. That 1994 proposed gun legislation would have effectively included the words “premises containing illegal weapons” written similar to drug forfeiture laws. In less than 24-hours gun owners expressed concern those words “premises containing illegal weapons” opened the door for DOJ to criminally and civilly forfeit private homes since most gun owners keep their guns at home. Had such legislation passed, it is foreseeable many Americans would have been afraid to keep a gun in their own house.


Considering the current occupant in the White House, gun-owners should stay alert to proposed or passed legislation “Federal or State” that mentions Confiscation or Forfeiture of guns or weapons. Also during 1994, some Congressman suggested the idea of forcing gun stores to sell only “biodegradable ammunition” with a shelf-life of 1-year, stating: in case of insurrection, ammunition that had been accumulated by people would become useless after 1-year. Then someone smarter pointed out that forcing biodegradable ammunition on the public would open up the door for foreign black-market ammunition to be sold in the U.S.


Also note there are sentencing enhancements against persons arrested at homes for illegal drugs when there is a gun in the house: forcing registration of all guns might put those defendants in a position of having to prove there wasn't a firearm in the house even if not found by police.


Comment by Anonymous
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I smell a huge business oppertunity here.