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Organic Amicus brief filed in GM Alfalfa Appeal

The judge in that case has required USDA to “take a hard look” at the contamination issue before granting the deregulation of GM alfalfa. This “hard look” is intended to be contained in the final environmental impact statement (EIS) that USDA released for public comment in December of 2009. 

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Is everyone that works for "Monsanto" in on it? I mean! in on the destruction of America via poison food?

Are these Employee`s willing to Kill their own children..for a "Pay Check"?

Maybe we should start interviewing Employees`s that work for such companies..there are many such companies in America that are helping to destroy America,and their workers are the engine that keeps them going..all for a "Pay Check".

We need to talk to these self for a "Pay Check" types...there killing us,and then they go home and hug their children,and do for themselves with no regard for their country,or even the American next door,or! their own Children.