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Tehran: If Iran is attacked, nuclear devices will go off in American cities

• DEBKAfile,
This warning, along with an announcement that Iran would join the world's nuclear club within a month, raised the pitch of Iranian anti-US rhetoric to a new high Tuesday, April 13, as 47 world leaders gathered in Washington for President Barack Obama's Nuclear Security Summit. The statement published by Kayhan said: "If the US strikes Iran with nuclear weapons, there are elements which will respond with nuclear blasts in the centers of America's main cities." For the first time, debkafile's military sources report, Tehran indicated the possibility of passing nuclear devices to terrorists capable of striking inside the United States.

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Comment by Mike Dugger
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Sorry, but it is well-known that is an Israeli propaganda/disinfo site. In this case their claim is so ridiculous as to be comical. Israel is known to possess anywhere from tens to hundreds of nuclear weapons but, aside from the unsubstantiated claims of Israeli sources such as, there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran has or is seeking to produce nuclear weapons.

The Int'l Atomic Energy Association has inspectors at all Iranian nuclear sites but they can find no evidence of a nuclear weapons program. Israeli source,s on the other hand, can imagine such weapons without any need to provide even the slightest shred of proof. When will Israel allow IAEA inspectors into their Dimona facility?