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Newsweek Claims Oath Keepers Are “Extremists”

• Newsweek
Stewart Rhodes does not seem like an extremist. He is a graduate of Yale Law School and a former U.S. Army paratrooper and congressional staffer. He is not at all secretive. In February he was sitting at a table at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at a fancy downtown hotel in Washington, handing out fliers and selling T shirts for his organization, the Oath Keepers. Rhodes says he has 6,000 dues-paying members, active and retired police and military, who promise never to take orders to disarm U.S. citizens or herd them into concentration camps. Rhodes told a NEWSWEEK reporter, “We’re not a militia.” Oath Keepers do not run around the woods on the weekend shooting weapons or threatening the violent overthrow of the government. Their oath is to uphold the Constitution and defend the American people from dictatorship. 

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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hawk eyed moron you are a coward the real hawk eye fought for his freedoms when you are a coward 


they will bother you and steal everything you have  big brother nwo is the enemy not oath keepers

you should know what the word last of the mohicans means bet you dont even have an idea since it is a alqonquiin name for a animal and a group of the alquonquin tribes


Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I`m sure the "Oath Keepers" have had ample opportunities to say "NO"...but have they?

I see where one Army Officer has said "NO",and his case is all over the net...I don`t see where the "Oath Keepers" have said "NO" anywhere...if so! that would also be all over the "Net".

I don`t agree that the "Oath Keepers" are "Extremist"...that would require a move in one direction,or the other..the "Oath Keepers" have not moved in any direction at all...have any of them said "NO"?....NO! they havn`t.

I`ve seen soldiers,and marines locked & loaded patrolling American streets...they didn`t say no..did they?.Once again! the "Pay Check' rules over "Freedom"...not to mention being scared to say NO...yet they go home and hug their children,aka (Future Slaves)...because of the "Oath Keepers" unwillingness to say "NO",and Americas unwillingness to work as one simply because of the attitude,"As long as they don`t bother me,I don`t care what they do"."Americas Greed",and "Self Serving" is what will Kill America,and that what our enemies are depending on..and it`s working.