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Obama going off the deep end

• The East Valley Tribune
A recent analysis maintains that Obama is showing signs of mental illness, is conceited and is demonstrating a serious disassociation from reality, and that Obama displays severe narcissism.

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Comment by Carrie Taranova
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 It took them long enough to notice !  Many of us spotted it right away when he first came on the scene and we were called 'nuts' and 'racists' ! [Even though Obama/Soetoro is NOT 'black' as he pretends to be and claims.  He is Arab/White.  That being 'Black' pretence is part of his planned agenda, and he wants to keep our Black people here totally deceived about it, so they will do and follow anything he orders !  He is USING our Black people for his own personal  agenda and cares nothing about THEM].

He has the exact same mental illness as Lincoln had, and Lincoln was treated for it his whole time in office according to his medical records. Lincoln lived in his own mythical dream world, where things only existed that he wanted to exist.  For example, Lincoln denied the 9th and 10th Amendments existed.  And he replaced the original 13th Amendment with his own. He forced ohters to see the world as he saw it - totally denying reality.