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White House complains about CBS News blog post saying that possible Supreme Court nominee is gay

• Washington Post
The White House ripped CBS News on Thursday for publishing an online column by a blogger who made assertions about the sexual orientation of Solicitor General Elena Kagan, widely viewed as a leading candidate for the Supreme Court. 

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Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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birds of the feather flock together which is  a true fact

even queers or i mean perverts or homosexual dog farts clump together gross sick creatures violate the constitution they are to be brought down as to what they are the bible tells us what to do about them stone them to death sorry  i am just saying what he creator said not my opinion not suggestion but literal got that

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Yes, I used a picture of then AZ Governor, now DHS Gruppenführer Janet Napolitano who is also reputed to be on the shortlist of Obama's nominees.  She is also (reportedly) gay.

Now that doesn't mean anything to me, except I wonder why the White House cares?  Further, I wonder why Janet's speculated sexual orientation wasn't dredged up. This seems like a distraction of crocodile tears.

And lastly I was struck by the visual similarities between the two women.

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