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Federal judge: National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional

• AP
A federal judge in Wisconsin declared the US law authorizing a National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.
US District Judge Barbara Crabb said the federal statute violates the First Amendment’s prohibition on government endorsement of religion.

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Comment by Alan Gaudette
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Seems to me that the judge owes the US taxpayers a check to return all of the "holiday" pay she has received under false pretenses, like Christmas, Easter ++ 

Comment by Martin Jones
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 It has always been important for all citizens to understand the United States of America is a secular nation.  With that understanding comes tolerance so necessary to a democracy.

Secularism is the essence of freedom.


Comment by Dracula Tepish
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this judge is so stupid and retarded dont know no truth in its heart 

since president mandated a day of prayer by the way is this judge a communist or what

she should be taken out of office and thrown in prison for constitutional deprivation of rights