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Tell Governor Brewer to Stand Up for Arizona and Veto SB1070

 The Arizona state legislature just approved the toughest anti-immigration bill in the country, giving police the authority to determine people's immigration status based on "reasonable suspicion" or more bluntly put, the right to racially profile immigrants.

Written by State Sen. Russell Pearce, SB1070 also makes it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant and allows anyone to sue a local, county or state agency if they believe the agency is not enforcing immigration laws.

If signed by Governor Jan Brewer into law, get ready for rampant racial profiling and arrests of more United States citizens who cannot prove their right to live here. The law also promises to have a chilling affect on the economy, with unjustifiable raids on businesses and immigrants fleeing the state as a consequence of attrition through enforcement. One just needs to take a look at Prince Williams County to note the general devastation that occurs as a result of local law enforcement of immigration laws.

There is still time to prevent Arizona from turning into a complete police state. Governor Brewer is yet to sign the bill into law.

Tell Governor Jan Brewer to stand up to Senator Pearce and do what is right for Arizona.

1. Sign this email petition to her.

2. Flood her office with calls: (602) 542-4331

3. Organize more direct action towards the Governor's office: protest, rally, and speak out.

Let the mass mobilization against this criminal and constitutionally suspect measure begin.

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Comment by Vladimir Rasujev (29095)
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 I am a legal immigrant in this beautiful country which I love so much but I clearly see how most of your politicians, lawyers and judges are destroying this great land by transforming it into a  huge guetto and a refuge for every criminal coming here illegally. This is how it started in the Soviet union under Stalin - POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - finally you were afraid to open your mouth and say anything about anybody because it always offended somebody - the sad reality is that WE ARE BECOMING PRISONERS IN OUR OWN LAND FOLKS AND UNLESS PEOPLE WAKE UP, STAND UP AND RAISE HELL ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING ABOUT IT..........but I think it is almost too late !!!  What a shame !!! 

My mother died in Russia for opening her mouth - my father spent 15 years in Siberia for opening his mouth and was crippled for life.

You dear americans are wonderful people but so many of you HAVE BECOME GUTLESS AND WHIMPS - this is why I say I think it is almost too late !!!


Comment by Larry Owens (28501)
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If you have a problem with a fox in the chicken coup. you do not go hunting Ducks. In Arizona most of the illegals are from south of the border. So it makes since to look for people from south of the border. if they were mostly from Europe we would be looking for fair skin people. profiling is pretty smart. not to do so is pretty stupid.

Comment by Edward Flanigan (20582)
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If you cannot prove you are a citizen of the U.S. that means you better get the info to prove otherwise. Any one born in this Country LEGALLY can get that information. If you are an Illegal Alien, (note I said Alien because if you are here illegally you are not an Immigrant), you shouldn't be here. This law may help AZ to stop from becoming another Calif.

Every company that hires Illegals should be in trouble. That is of course unless you believe it is alright to keep Americans from trying to earn a fair wage. Look at the Economy right now. Legal U.S. citizens can't find a job, but it is okay for Businesses to hire Illegals and too bad for the people who are Citizens, Natural Or otherwise.

I am glad there are still some people in this country who think that we Americans need to come before the Illegals.