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4409 Video Makes "O Reilly Factor"

• Faux News
Good job 4409! Bill OReilly discusses the "easter egg bunny" attack against Redflex, with audible laughter in the studio background. All in a day's work for the ACTIVists of Freedom's Phoenix. (Now, will someone tell BillO that we still don't like him?)

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Comment by Freed Radical
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Nice job, Shelton!!! Kicking ass and taking names! I can't believe Stossel is being such a weenie and O'Reilly is pissed about the Scameras. I would expect it to be the other way around.


Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Looking forward to 4409 with Pirate watch on Fox Nationwide!

Comment by Found Zero
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Did I just hear Bill O-really out-freedom John Stossel?

WTF is happening with reality? It's changing faster than I can believe in.