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Climate Scam of the Week

Yes, friends, it is possible to produce solar power at night -- as long as you're getting paid hugely subsidized rates for the kilowatts you feed into the grid. Bishop Hill provides this machine translation of a German news item:

After press reports, it was established during inspections that several solar power plants were generating current and feeding it into the net at night. To simulate a larger installation capacity, the operators connected diesel generators.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg," said one industry expert to the newspaper "El Mundo", which brought the scandal to light. If solar systems apparently produce current in the dark, will be noticed sooner or later. However, if electricity generators were connected during daytime, the swindle would hardly be noticed.

On the one hand, it was quite clever of these scammers to discover that they could run diesel generators at a profit by pretending it was solar-generated electricity. On the other hand, it was quite careless for them to continue the scam at night, which seems to have been what finally tipped off investigators.