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IPFS News Link • World News Today - April 17th 2010

Weekend Edition, April 17-18, 2010
Ron Paul Can Be President
Justin Raimondo on the great libertarian champion.
Austrian Economics Rising
The intellectual brilliance, spirit, and energy go mainstream. Article by Thomas R. Eddlem.
Socialized Medicine?
We've had fascist medical care for a hundred years. Article by Dale Steinreich.
Presidential Corruption
From Ike down to Obama. Article by Jack Douglas.
The War for Drugs
Alfred McCoy and Tom Engelhardt on the true nature of US intervention in Afghanistan.
'Ender's Game' in Real Life
Ron Shirtz on the predator war.
The Pope Hunters
Brendan O'Neill on secular hate.
Democracy: That God Is Still Failing
Simon Jenkins on a thuggish Western export.
The Best Assassination Movies
The top ten, plus an astounding clip from #1. Article by Joe Holleman.
Make Your Car Last Longer
And maintain its value, with these ten rules. Article by Doug Newcomb.
The Next Supervolcano
Will it explode in Yellowstone, and wipe out California?
Health Dangers Lurk in Everyday Products
How to protect yourself. Article by Margaret Durst.