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Articles Of Freedom National Dedication Ceremony - All State Capitols TODAY!

• We The People for Constitutional Education

There will be a Freedom Rally and National Dedication Ceremony for the “Articles of Freedom” at the Arizona State Capitol On Patriot’s Day, Monday April 19th, to be held on the Senate Lawn.  This event will be held in conjunction with the Second Amendment March ‘Armed Lunch at the Capitol’ (bring a sack lunch!)   

Master of Ceremonies will be Arizona Coordinator for We the People for Constitutional Education Foundation and Voting Delegate at the recent Continental Congress 2009, Ed Vallejo.

     Those planning on attending the Ceremony and then delivering the Articles to their elected officials afterward will begin gathering on the Senate Lawn at noon, and, depending on circumstances, the Ceremony will begin sometime after that.   We have been told that the Capitol will be providing the podium and microphone, but we do not have information as to exactly when it will be set up for us.  Bring water or fluids for the afternoon as we expect the temperature to reach 90 degrees on that day.

     Arizona has been one of the States that has stressed individual participation in the serving of The Articles of Freedom to elected Officials, and no record of who is serving who has been kept.   If you want your elected official served, show up with the information of where that person will be and we will provide copies for you to serve them.  At the end of the Ceremony we will know who is there to serve whom, and those serving the same people can go together.  Some officials may be served either at the Capitol, their individual offices, or in Washington D.C.  It is up to you, the individual , to stand up for your Constitution and hold these people accountable, or they will just continue on the wreckless and dangerous course they have set us upon, for their own designs.  We The People will have representatives in Washington D.C. to serve those Elected Officials that are scheduled to be there to vote, but YOU are the ‘front line’ here at home, and are responsible to do the legwork – OR IT WON’T GET DONE!

     Have you had enough?