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Infowars Journalist Arrested, Held for Asking Karl Rove a Question During UT Appearance

Aaron waited until it was question time and rather that sit through the pre-selected controlled media questions. Aaron wanted to know about the Downing Street Memo and how it proves the administration knew that Sadam was not a threat and there was no reason to go to war with a country that was not attacking us. But that would go against Karl’s revisionist history. So he told Aaron to Shut up and sit down. Aaron was arrested and charged with “Disrupting a meeting or precession” Campus Police made the arrest their number is 512-471-4441, the need to explain why members of the media are being arrested.
Kurt Nimmo
April 20, 2010

Infowars reporter Aaron Dykes was arrested today during a Karl Rove appearance at the University of Texas in Austin. The former Bush deputy chief of staff and notorious dirty trickster Rove was invited to the university where he was asked to talk about “his time at the White House as former President George W. Bush’s top political adviser,” according to News 8 Austin. “Rove will also share his analysis of key issues the nation currently faces, including health care, the economy and the protection of individual liberties.”
News 8’s description of Rove’s discussion covering “protection of individual liberties” is particularly ironic. Dykes was arrested during a question and answer session after he asked Rove about the Downing Street memo and a record documenting a meeting between Bush and Tony Blair where the two leaders discussed painting a reconnaissance aircraft in UN colors in order to provoke Iraq. The Downing Street memo revealed that intelligence and facts were fixed by the neocon Bush regime around the policy of illegally removing Saddam Hussein from power. The document uncovered that intelligence on Iraq prior to the war was deliberately falsified and not simply mistaken as Bush and the neocons later claimed.
In response to the question, Rove told Dykes to “sit down and shut up.” Aaron was then arrested by UT Police and placed in handcuffs. He was charged with resisting arrest, although Dykes made a point to raise his arms and declare that he was not resisting arrest or posing a threat to the police. He was then transferred to the Travis County Jail where he is being held by the Austin Police.
Infowars cameraman Rob Jacobson was also detained by UT Police but released.
Aaron Dykes was singled out and persecuted because he is an Infowars journalist. This is outrageous and should not be permitted in a country that supposedly prides itself on the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment. Dykes did not cause a disturbance and did not resist arrest as the police charge. The harassment and arrest of journalists is something that happens in third world dictatorships and should not be allowed in Texas or anywhere else in the United States.
Please call the Travis County Jail and demand that Aaron Dykes be released immediately. Be polite but firm in your demand that he be released and that it is unconscionable to arrest journalists on false charges.
The phone number is: 512-854-9033. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer is Roger Wade. His telephone is: 512-854-4986.

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Look at the Cops....purely Communist...just look at them..I suggest that this video be shown to their children to show their children what their parents really do for a living.That way the Comi Cops can`t go home and LIE to their family(s) saying NO! I didn`t Rob him of his First Amendment Rights.

Look at the two bit pieces of crap...I wonder what MLK would think of the Black Cop?....NOT MUCH!