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TSA Hard at Work: 93 Year Old Involved In Shake Down Over Applesauce

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Janet Napalitano's TSA thugs show how to treat a wheelchair bound 93 year old and her caregivers. Now that is what I call customer service, Janet.

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Comment by Sharon Secor
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 Oh, how I hate these Nazi, Fascist bastards. Yet another reason I will never fly again. I hope these airlines all go bankrupt. I wish people would force it with their dollars, refusing to fly until the airlines either submit to having to treat people civilly and decently or completely fail, allowing the market to provide airlines that treat people properly. I pray for revolution, for revolt, for a civil uprising strong enough to wash this fascist filth from our nation.

Comment by Richard Stone
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I think they should have first tazed the 93 year old lady in the wheelchair, the daughter and then the caregiver. Then they should have beat the snot out of them with a billy club to show them who is the boss and what America stands for.  God bless our brave men and women that are putting their lives on the line against these domestic terrorist. Everyone of these damn teabaggers should be shot and then drawn and quartered and then shot again. TSA stands for "Target Simple Americans"  and they are proud of it !