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Tea partiers in two camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul

• Politico
Tea party activists are divided roughly into two camps, according to a new POLITICO/TargetPoint poll: one that’s libertarian-minded and largely indifferent to hot-button values issues and another that’s culturally conservative and equally concerned about social and fiscal issues.

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Comment by Morpheus Titania (1068)
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very interesting how the rain makers are doing to start now to divide the activists into 2 different camps.  The Sarah (I wouldn't even finish my term) Palin and Ron (I have the most consistent constitutional voting record in the history of the country) Paul.  What a mash up that would be now things are more clear as to why she was chosen as John (the fall guy) McCain's running mate.  These guys are very devious and great planners.  

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Now. This is part of the way and it should not be done like this. But you should know these things, and this is not the deal, you are not being made.

But you should know that in our language there is no word for "warrior", the closest word we have is "the bearer of the burden of peace" which means where the people are cold we will try to warm them up and where the people are hungry we will try to find them something to eat and where the people are frightened we will try to reassure them and where the people are sad we will try to comfort them and where the people are threatened we will try to protect them, in short, whatever the needs of the people we will try. And try again. And keep trying.

Little oyate, all my life I have been trying to live up to this task. It's a tall order and we are surrounded by mighty warriors of even greater stature than you and I. If you really want to be Oyate then you might be even braver than me. Are you prepared to give your blanket to the cold person and your food to the hungry child and your tobacco to the elders and your hatchet to protect them even though it cost you your life? Are you willing to lay down your life? Because we die 1000 times a day in 1000 tiny or large ways.

So. Little one. Start out slow. Take it one step at a time. I might make it look easy but it's not so easy to be Oyate.

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Powell, this is the other Oyate, the one you know. I kind of agree with my counterpart's sentiments, but the other Oyate clearly doesn't know how hashed-out this argument is. So for the benefit of the other person posting as Oyate, basically you are watching us go through an ideological schism along these very lines, and it looks like us purist libertarians that reject militarism are winning because we turned Rand Paul and Peter Schiff.

Colour me Martha Stewart because that's a good thing!

Hey a couple words of advice: if you want to imitate me you have to write a LOT more. Oyates can't say "good morning" in under 500 words.

Also, never start out with the point you want to make. Take them on a roller coaster and entertain or distract them while you prepare the tomahawk or the bucket of ice water. Oyate comes like a thief in the night. We never walk through the front door, it's always in through the kitchen windows.

See folks, this oyate is trying to ply the art of deception but they are being inept.

Little oyate, you have to get better at story telling. You can't just run around making blunt accusations and have people believe you are me. So get better at it. Tell us a story. Take us back to the woodlands and tell us the tastes, the smells and the textures. Make us believe it, put us there! I like to take people back in time so they can reconnect with their ancestors. Take people back to where they feel comfortable and they might just listen to you.

This is how to become a story teller young oyate. But this is not how to be me. But because you are a little lamb I will tell you. This is very rare and this is just for you. What follows is part of The Way.

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Oyote, some like Koolaid while others prefer their coffee black.

Comment by Oyate (29059)
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 I knew the tea party wouldn't last I guess the liberal media was right maybe they are just astroturf I mean how can they be divided between Sarah Palin and Ron Paul?

Honestly maybe i should switch to the dems at least they have there act together.