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Hope Springs Eternal: Simple Ways to Sustain the Bees

A PBS documentary mentions that pesticides seem to be “disappearing” the bees, and yet what solution do they tout? Superbee genetic mutation to increase pesticide resistance, of course! It’s actually pretty funny: One of the scientists in the film looks truly terrified as she reports her agonizing concern about the mass drop-dead epidemic among the bees. She stresses the urgency of this happening world-wide, that we depend on the bees for crop pollination and for our very survival, advocates for genetic engineering of the bees in order to immunize them from pesticides…and forgets in her apparently agonizing fear to mention the obvious. Simple avoidance of chemical plant sprays. Is this a “Duh” or a deliberate underscoring of other agendas? IE, profiteering by genetic mutation? The fear on her face looks very real, not put on at all. Who is to say what goes through the minds of others. Deliberate or not, the “Duh” here may be obvious to us all, regardless.