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75% of Americans still blame Bush for the economy, but…

The poll shows a "significant uptick" since last July in the percentage of Americans blaming Obama at least a moderate amount (from 32% to 50%), but a decrease, however slight, for George W. Bush (from 80% to 75%). Gallup also notes that "Americans in July 2009 clearly recognized that the nation's economic problems preceded Obama's term; at that time, close to half of Republicans (43%) -- in addition to most independents (63%) and nearly all Democrats (92%) -- believed Obama bore little or no responsibility for them." While those figures have begun to decline, clearly Bush still takes much more of the blame for the current state of the economy.

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Does this mean we sould forgive and forget what Bush did to this country?   Do we now embrace the Chicago Twit and turn a blind eye to the trillions of debt he has sentenced our grandchildren to pay, the monster grovernment he has created?

I'd rather see BOTH skewered and roasted on a judicial spit.