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New Deadly Fungus Found in U.S., Has Already Killed Six

A new strain of hypervirulent, deadly fungus has been discovered in the United States, a new study says. The outbreak has already killed six people in Oregon, and it will likely creep into northern California and possibly farther, experts say. The new strain is of the species Cryptococcus gattii, an airborne fungus native to tropical and subtropical regions, including Papua New Guinea, Australia, and parts of South America. An older strain of the fungus was frst detected in North America in British Columbia, Canada, in 1999. No one knows how the species got to North America or how the fungus can thrive in a temperate region, experts say. "The alarming thing is that it's occurring in this region, it's affecting healthy people, and geographically it's been expanding," said study co-author Edmond Byrnes, a graduate student at the Joseph Heitman Lab at Duke University.

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Comment by Brent Bielema
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Don't buy the nonsense that "it can't be treated." I had a severe respiratory condition and started taking oil of oregano, and it basically vanquished the illness. There are MANY natural botanical agents which could easily be employed, and many ways to administer them (orally, through steam inhalers, and aromatherapy). I would urge everyone to take oil of oregano as a preventative measure, and recommend Solaray's softgels in particular. Thanks for posting this!

Comment by G T
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 I'd be willing to bet money, this is just another bio-agent, being DELIBERATELY disseminated, for one purpose or another... If anybody ever bothered to keep tabs on such things, you'd probably find that very specific groups of people are being "targeted for infection". Perhaps due to political affiliations, race, some on-going conflict with law enforcement or gov't, etc.., or maybe due to drug use. (it's been known for awhile, for instance, that the gov't sometimes sprays marijuana crops with bio-agents, which have the potential to sicken those who later use the product, although I don't think we've had access to the WHOLE truth, regarding the nature of these bio-agents, and/or the level of sickness they are capable of inflicting on the user)

Look at how AIDS originally only effected the homosexual community! How does a VIRUS know that their host is "homosexual", hmmm? That just DOESN'T happen, in nature. These viruses, funguses, etc, are BIO-ENGINEERED to target select groups, and perform specific functions.

If it doesn't behave "naturally", then I think all such viruses, funguses, bacterias, etc, should just be assumed to be genetically engineered, with a deliberate intent in mind.

This one, obviously, is behaving in an "unnatural way", by surviving in a cold climate, and attacking healthy individuals, rather than just those with compromised immune systems...

Comment by Barbara Peterson
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Agrobacteria, which are used to make genetically modified organisms, GMOs, have the ability to transfer genes to not only plant cells, but human cells and fungi. Agrobacteria live in the soil, and not all are killed during the "selection" phase of GMO creation. Some escape into the wild and populations can double every 9.8 minutes. That is exponential growth. Is there any question as to why we have mysterious fungi and diseases cropping up?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well, since the disease originates from Africa, the US population is unlikely to have much immunity to infection.   So infections will be nasty.  But a fungal infection generally does not extensively disseminate in the population so I doubt pandemic is a accurate term.

Fungal infections generally don't pass person to person.  [This fungus probably replicates in the soil, and its spores are released and carried by the wind.]   

Respiratory fungal infections cannot be treated, beyond supportive treatment.