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Gingrich: Tea Party will become ‘militant wing’ of GOP

Gingrich said the movement is a "natural expression of frustration with Republicans and anger at Democrats," which is "more likely to end up as the militant wing of the Republican Party" than a third party. A resident who attended the speech disagreed. "I wouldn't use the word 'militant," she said. While liberals may be surprised at Gingrich's characterization, Politics Daily D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn thinks that Gingrich didn't see it as an insult. "I think there's always been a split personalty between the newt that wants to see himself as a statesman and the newt that wants to see himself as a bomb thrower," Corn told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Thursday.

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Comment by G Cone
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I'm sure that is exactly what the GOP wants the Tea Party people to be. 

Comment by Oyate
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 Wow this is a busy news day isn't it?

Anyway I found this article very interesting it would seem Newt Gingrich can see into the future. The radicals in the tea party who support Sarah Paling for president and the geezers like me who support Ron Paul are slowly descending into mere republicans not only that but the "military wing" of the republican party unfortunately I agree with Newt on this one because we need to get our $#!* together or else we facce becoming republicans and i dont think anybody here wants that.