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ADL Calls for “Major Law Enforcement Operation” to Deal With Obamacare Critics

A major Anti-Defamation League report goes further than ever before in an effort to purge the Internet of all dissent, listing completely non-violent criticism of Obamacare posted on Internet forums as a reason to conduct a “major law enforcement operation” against opponents of big government and health care reform. The ADL’s April 2010 report is entitled, “Violent Voices: Anti-Government Extremism Takes on New Intensity,” and consists largely of lists of comments culled from alternative news websites and forums, as well as Fox News. “During the first few months of 2010, anti-government extremism has taken on a new level of intensity in the United States. The arrests of the Hutaree militia in Michigan illustrate this passion, which exists both within and outside the militia movement. Unfortunately, the Hutaree arrests may come to be seen not as the culmination, but rather as a first step in what may need to become a major national law enforcement operation,” states the introduction (emphasis mine). Such words are chilling bearing in mind that the infamous MIAC report, which listed gun owners, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and people who fly U.S. flags alongside neo-nazis and terrorists, was partly based on information provided to the Missouri Information Analysis Center by both the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Comment by Richard Stone
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 You just did, thank you.

Comment by David McElroy
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 When will the ADL just come out and demand that all freedom seeking Americans who believe in exercising their rights to participate in the political process and defend themselves against tyranny imposed by zionists like Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Rahm Immanuel just simply report to a FEMA camp? Of course there, ADL would ask that we stand under the Star of David, raise our hands and scream "Sieg Heil"! in pledging allegiance to Israel, or be summarily shot by firing squads. When will enough be enough? When we will be bold enough to declare the ADL the hateful fascists that they are?