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Monsanto – Conquering Amerika One Stomach At a Time!

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One of the biggest cases to come before the Supreme Court regarding the uncontrolled spread of GMO on this planet via the American stomach is about to be heard by a Monsanto shill. Yes, you heard me, Clarence Thomas is a Monsanto shill. 

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Is "Monsanto" one person? Is "Monsanto" a man?Is "Monsanto" a woman?

OR!!! does "Monsanto" have hourly employees that go to work each and every day for a Pay Check regardless of the toll "Monsanto" is taking on American lives,and Freedoms?..........."I don`t care what the do as long as they don`t bother me" is the attitude that will destroy America

As long as these Employees get their check so they can Buy things for themselves..they just don`t care what happens to their neighbors...Period!!

They ride around in their new Truck just to show other people that they have a new truck....Look At Me...I have a New Truck.Look at me! I have a "Swimming Pool" in my yard.Look at me! I have,I have,I have,AND!! I don`t really give a damn about you..It`s me that counts...I work for "Monsanto"..they pay me week I`m going to buy a New Car to drive to work at "Monsanto".