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Quartzsite AZ Police Chief Jeff Gilbert assaults man for videotaping, Constitutional debate follows.

As the May 18th general election for Quartzsite Mayor and three open Town Council seats approaches, the battle over possible bankruptcy and other issues is reaching a boiling point. Tuesday morning, April 13th began with another beautiful desert sunrise, but the antics began before breakfast and by days end would escalate to a troubling arrest at the regular meeting of the common council. “The police Chief is dangerously out of control” stated mayoral candidate Ed Foster. “I’m worried someone’s going to be seriously injured before this is over”. A local pet groomer, still in her pajamas, was walking her dog early that morning when she discovered Mayor Wes Huntley and two women she was not close enough to identify erecting campaign signs every few feet across the front of the property where her business is located. Within a few minutes, three police cars swarmed the parking lot. “I told my husband to grab the video camera while I changed clothes” she later told La Paz County Serg

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Comment by J Jones
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The thing that bothers us most is not the severity of the assault, but the fact that the Town Council allows this behavior to continue, despite numerous complaints filed on the "official" form by ourselves and others. This police dept. has no internal affairs and answers to no higher authority than his friends that appointed him, so Jeff basically investigates himself! He wastes countless man hours looking to make trouble for anyone who dares to speak out against the current Town leadership, instead of  protecting and serving the community as a whole.

Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and some of his officers have been harassing us for two years, as retaliation for filing complaints with the Town, the State Attorney General's office and Arizona Police Officer's Standards and Training Board, about an incident where QPD came into our residence after being asked for a warrant (and demanding they call the duty sergeant.) over an alleged County animal code infraction that did not even apply to us. Don't get me wrong, there's a few bad apples who subscribe to Chief Gilbert's unofficial policies and procedures, but we admire and respect some of the Town's police officers very much, and they watch over us, honk and wave as they drive past our shop. The department is divided and morale is low.

We have good reason to believe that the incident in this video was intended to provoke us into breaking the law. It didn't work. The only criminals I know in Quartzsite draw a paycheck from the Town.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Quartzsite is quintessentially what is wrong with America all wrapped up in a town.  For decades it was a small, and I mean small community of people.  One gas station, one hotel, and one convenience store and that was it.  It also boasted mile after mile of concrete slabs. 

Concrete slabs that were occupied from November through April with Recreation Vehicles.  Yes, the population of Quartzsite goes cyclically from a few hundred to many hundreds of thousands of people annually. 

Apparently a few years ago, someone realized there was a different way to make money off of this many people.  Selling them merchandise wasn't in their minds.  Creating a government to tax and fine them was. 

And so a few more monsters showed up.  And they got together, sold the idea of a town council of Quartzsite to serve mankind.  They filed the appropriate paperwork, all vetted by members of the Bar.  They had a vote which made it all okay.

They formed a police department.  They created inspectors.  They created licensing.  They set them loose upon their lands like locust to consume whatever they could find. 

They were government.  They were legion.  And they leave death and despair behind wherever they go.

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