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30 Pieces of Silver and a President

That speech could just as easily have been written by a 14-year old highschool girl in her contemporary history class. What’s the idea? That we stop listening altogether, knowing that paying attention is a waste of time anyway? The message, however, that shone through, was clear enough. The economy had better start growing, because we’re running out of them trillions, and we draw a blank on any ideas that do not involve risking another downfall by sticking it to you Wall Street guys, so we’ll let you carry on as usual and hope and pray that a bone or two might fall from your luxuriously overladen dinner tables. If the American economy is to grow again (and God forbid if it doesn't), then America's big banks will have to lend out the money that finances that growth. Not their own money, of course, we’ll keep providing it at close to zero percent, while you can then charge your clients pretty much any rate you want. As for the American people who voted me into office, feel free to charge them 29% rates on their credit cards while you pick up their own money for free at the Federal Reserve discount windows. Business as usual, don’t let’s rock that boat. (To me, that sounds eerily similar to "let them eat cake".)