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IPFS News Link • Free Speech - Social Networking for Stupid Consumers

• LA Times
Why social networking is so addictive is somewhat of a mystery to me, but what's no mystery is a bunch of people these days not only don't care about their privacy, they openly flout it. Between the various media these days you can see people, see them with no clothes in, see them in their houses, see them with their children, get updates on their activities and locations and purchases throughout the day. And you can read what  they were thinking at the time later on their blog. You can find out who their friends are. You can find out who they work for and who their family is and where they are located.
You can do this on an unlimited number of people. Does that sound like living hell to you? It does to me. But here are people simply throwing the details of their lives out there with wild abandon. I can't see what good can some of all this but I can see a lot of bad.
What people fail to understand, they think there is some distinction between public and private information on these things. There really isn't. To those with access and with those who will gain it, it's all just DATA. Those who posess it use it, period, end of story.

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