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Boobquake celebrates 'scandalous bodies'

• The Province

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Comment by mens rights
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Hello Autarch, thanks for talking about my spelling mistake. And by the way English is my second language. I started to learn it a short time ago, so please forgive me, if I still make some spelling mistakes. But we can continue with the conversation in German, if you like, and then we can see who makes more spelling mistakes - you or me. Hahahaha Alles Gute Dein deutscher Michel

Comment by Mark Pickens
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"men's rights" thinks "women in the western world" are "unbelievable stupid."  He might want to look up the definition of the words "there" and "their."  (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!)

Comment by mens rights
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The women in the western world are nothing more then useless trash. They do not have any healthy brain in the mind but want to give all the commands and own all the money and also want to put the men down and take advantage of them. The only thing they are professional in it is to show the skin and there breasts to irritate the men. And now they are demonstrating for being allowed to show as much as possible skin because this is all they have to offer? The women are so unbelievable stupid. What about demonstrating against the government terrorism, against the Homeland Security, against the war-crimes of the American Soldiers, against the Patriot Act? What about learning how to treat the men with respect instead of fighting against the men like crazy (feminism)? Yeah, and also they should cover the skin and stop sleeping around and changing there partners more often then there cloths and spread out STDs in this way. And they should stop killing children (abortion). And they should stop leaving there husband and taking his children away and stealing his money.

Comment by Found Zero
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Now here's an initiative I think we can all get behind. Or in front of. Or between. Or on top of. Or underneath.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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By the cleric's logic, The Great Satan should be experiencing earthquakes at a frequency of about on very 0.8 seconds.  :-)  

God must really love us, to keep the boobyquakes away. 

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