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Neanderthal Linkage Uncovered in human DNA

• arclein
A major DNA study suggests that our ancestors interbred with the Neanderthals at least twice tens of thousands of years ago - and that their genes have been carried down the millennia ever since. The discovery adds to the mystery surrounding the Neanderthals, an offshoot of the human family tree who vanished in Europe around 25,000 years ago. A new study suggests that most of us have some Neanderthal genes in our DNA. Scientists believe our ancestors may have bred twice with the extinct species

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Comment by Sterling Rand
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The previous poster said "It's impossible for us to have evolved (macroevlution)cause the laws of science can't be bended." Based on that sentence nothing more need be said.

Comment by Found Zero
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Ponder the significance, as we are faced with a racial embroglio, of us learning that we are all part sub-human. I think that warrants at least a double-posting under humour.

Comment by Renee Houlihan
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Robert, although this article mad me laugh, some actually believe that we evolved from apes, so I would suggest next time articles like this be put in the comic or humor section.  It's impossible for us to have evolved (macroevlution)cause the laws of science can't be bended.  If you really want to know how we got here read Genesis.  You also may want to learn about macroevlution and the law of biogenetics