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It Started With the Tyrant Lincoln

• Lew Rockwell/Vin Suprynowicz
I believe we can confidently presume most who rail "Such a bizarre and outlandish statement proves what dangerous wackos Suprynowicz and his conservative pals are!" (I'm a libertarian; I've never claimed to be a "conservative") are government-school ex-inmates.
I dare say they have read no legitimate scholarship on "Honest Abe" since hearing him praised decades ago in a room smelling of poster paints and waxed sawdust floor-sweeping compound as a "strong leader who saved the nation and ended slavery" by a government employee with a vested interest in seeing the state continue to tax our parents (and now us) within an inch of our lives to fund today's largest remaining American institution of compulsion, incarceration, and propaganda – the "public schools."
(No, old Abe didn't ride into town on a donkey, playing a Jew's harp, and spring the innocent defendant by proving Ward Bond lied when he said it was "moon bright" the night of the killing. That was Hank Fonda, courtesy of the old Irish mythmaker, John Ford. Lincoln was a railroad lawyer, who had an interesting pre-war business relationship with one George B. McClellan, among others.)

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Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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you out some stuff namely lincoln hated coloreds and indians

and how many coloreds and indians fought for the confederacy

not a racist remark the south had more inidians and coloreds fighting for them as well

but the northern illogic is so retarded they believe their own stuff doesnt stink

and they live in a world that is so perverted and surreal or in other words fantasy land

is there any body here have a logical thought instead of liberal fanatism 

and that the 14th amendment turned them and us all in slaves for this  govt

who says they are against slavery every thing said is that its repeating itself today 

we have a criminal in charge by the way lincoln was not his real last name either


he was a jew who was not a jew

his last name is the same as the singer who we call the boss who has that same last name understand 






Comment by Donna Hancock (2797)
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Someone has been posting unappropriate racial comments on Freedom's Phoenix purporting to be Ernest Hancock. While we try to keep this site open to all for the purpose of having a free press, some chose to use it to misguide others. Ernest Hancock is not posting these comments, and we apologize to all who were exposed to such a falsehood. All you have to do is look at the articles and listen to Ernest's radio shows ('Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock') archived on this site to know that Ernest has ALWAYS stood up for the smallest minority, the individual.


We have addressed this issue with our webmaster and will block further attempts from this person to post additional comments using Ernest Hancock's name.