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The Problem Will Never Fix the Problem

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I recently ran across a profound quote which was written in response to an article I wrote. Jonathan D. Linscott of Scottsdale, Arizona wrote, “You cannot expect the problem to fix the problem,” in reference to the federal government. Outside of the philosophical challenge of this statement, it begs the question: what is the problem?

Let me be clear in stating what should be transparent to all, a bloated federal government – one who imposes its will against the people while violating the very constitutional foundation it was meant to protect, a vast array of failing social programs, wasted tax dollars, and an insurmountable debt. This dollar amount is one that few can fathom albeit however skilled in scientific notation and magnitudes of ten you are. Even then the debt number has become increasingly desensitizing as it has moved from millions, to billions, to trillions.

“We the People” sit under an administration and Congress that are relentless in their efforts to enforce their will against the people of the United States. Furthermore, the final step in our pseudo-check-and- balance system is the Supreme Court, which rules with a loose interpretation of the Constitution as if our sacred document is dynamic.

Accordingly, to the demise of the States, their rulings apply to all. Regarding the unseen and unknown problems that take place behind closed doors, whoever endeavors to take on the task of exposing and defining them would need a literary agent along with a book contract to account for hundreds of pages of corruption, deceit, bribes, and lies.

Therefore, this is the “problem” defined: our forefather’s words and the brave men and women who fought for our freedom and liberty have slowly and assuredly fallen down as martyrs. Historically, they have now descended to a place best described by the words of Albert Camus:

“Martyrs, my friend, have to choose between being forgotten, mocked or used; as for being understood – never.”

Our federal government mocks their words by their actions and they desire to place them in a basement while locking the cellar door behind them – disgraceful and disrespectful at best and an abomination at worst. It appears they would have us forget their words. Why? Because all that they fought and aligned themselves with stands contrary to our current federal government’s actions, philosophy, and unceasing attraction to power.

Are the States and their representatives any better? My assumption is that some, if not many, fall into the same political traps, yet not so deeply nor to the same extremity. I believe with great hope along with many others that there are representatives at the State level who do take these matters as genuinely concerning and view it as their responsibility to protect their citizens from what we can now define as “federal lawlessness.” I commend you on your courage, will, integrity, and your strength.

Now, as Linscott said, “You cannot expect the problem to fix the problem,” referring to the federal government, so we emphatically hope that these problems will be answered at the State level. So, the answer to the perplexing philosophical statement is none other than the States, their representatives, and the people that vote them into office.

Therefore, what follows is in essence, “A Call from ‘We the People’ to All State Representatives.”

As a preface, it is a responsibility of the States to assert their rights, specifically in times such as these. It is absolutely necessary to recognize that responsibility and accountability exists among State representatives rather than open-ended, unmoving opinions based on political philosophy and liberal views of the Constitution. To the best of my knowledge, an oath is taken in all States in some form of an edict to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State.” In addition, it should be noted that this call for responsibility is void of any form of violence or sedition, lest the leftist accusations of “inciting violence” and “hate” come forth with great force.

Therefore, let it be said: For legislators who are weakly or mildly concerned with these problems and see your duty as a representative half heartedly, resign.

For governors who do not have the courage to stand and fight for State rights in accordance with the following words from James Madison, resign.


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We will only make the problem go away when we realize we must do what our Founding Fathers had done with England. Problem is, we are either a nation of Cowards or true American hard core passionate Patriots!