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CNN: Experts Say Aliens Real! We've been working with them for over 50 years now!

Watch video at URL The government and press have been lying about UFO's since the very beginning of the press in the United States. Most people in the world now say that they believe that UFO's are real. They know that governments have hidden the truth about ufos and aliens. Maybe someday the governments of the world can quit playing games and actually admit that we've been working with Aliens for many decades now, we have a secret space fleet, time travel, teleportation and free energy too! But all this technology remains hidden so that the world can keep paying a lot of money an an oil based economy. The corrupt new world order that controls our government now likes it this way! No instead of telling that we've been lied to for the last 50 plus years about UFO's, I think Obama and whoever the Republican replacement will be would rather spend trillions per year on more wars over oil that we haven't needed for 50 years! It makes absolutely no sense unless you are in the New World O

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"Most people" believe in Aliens? Very funny. The "reporter" has bought into the gov't disinfo lock stock and barrel. Enjoy the distraction while the real fights against real problems go forward. "Most people"!? Hilarious. Give me a break. You're dreaming. In more ways than one.