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The Dirty Truth Behind Immigration

What is it that the folks supporting, basically, an illegal act that our ancestors, for the most part, had to deal with at some time are trying to accomplish? Why is it, in fact, that the support illegal immigration crowd are supporting this tidal wave? The president of Mexico gets an influx of cash from the illegals who work and send money back home. The unions will get an influx of people who willingly subjugate themselves to paying money for protections no longer needed by a dilapidated and corrupt bunch of blackmailers who are trying to run most heavy industry out of this country by pricing the labor part of the product out of reach of people. For the most part, as an example, most people in this country can’t afford a new car if they don’t make over 30,000.00 per person in a household and have small debt loads already. The Democrats, getting more union labor, will get more union dues dumped into their wallets. We know that they have received bribes en masse from the un

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