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Double Standard Liberals vs Tea Party

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Recently, the mainstream media has ratcheted up their attacks on the Tea Party movement. There have been attempts to link it to every thing from militias to white supremacists. The truth, however is that for the most part the Tea Party is made up of married, educated middle class people that have a strongly rooted conservative political ideology. The irony is; for a large part of the Bush presidency the far left liberals were equally vocal about all of George W.’s policies with which they disagreed – the difference they were afford media support as opposed to media outrage. O.K., so we all know the media leans left – this is not news. The problem in the case of the Tea Party they have crossed a new line. It is no longer a simple case of bias rather it has taken on a nasty tone full of misrepresentation and in accurate coverage. Here are a few of examples of what is being said in the media and on social media:

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CNN and other liberal bias news folks are the domestic enemies of this country . Always have been. The day will come when we the Tea partiers will eventually have to go after those that are sick in liberalism. The hate will build up...and folks....its healthy to hate those that hate our Country and Constitution because its a rightful Hate! Its our Ideology against theirs. Which one will come out winners? There is this cycle in mankind whereas where we are today, those that are destructive are exactly those that do not think clearly. Therefore they are the Enemies of the Constitution. They cannot , I repeat , cannot twist the Constitution to their own needs. That communist and they are. They are serious to divide this country and will if we do not do something down the road soon. They will never get it. Therefore we will have to go to war with gun against them. Its a time in history where negotiations with peaceful attitudes will NOT WORK with them. They want to change our culture and country to the way they see fit. Forgeeeet about it..Not gonna happen. The day will come and is coming whereas States will take matters in their own hands along with the people of those states. We Demand it and Will Get it!